Young Virtuosi Series

Young Virtuosi Series

In 2021, The Young Pianist Foundation presented – as an opportunity during the corona period – a series of 6 concerts and 6 master classes for top young pianists, the ‘Young Virtuosi’, in which they had the chance to further develop their craft and bring out the best in themselves. The initiative was greatly welcomed by the young musicians and also ’embraced’ by a large and loyal audience, which is why the YPF now organises the Young Virtuosi series every year!

The YPF Young Virtuosi series is part of the activities organised by YPF from YPF’s basic idea: responsible talent development and guidance on the way to the top. During these concerts, top young pianists will play on the grand piano of legendary Russian pianist Youri Egorov in De Duif at Prinsengracht 756 in Amsterdam.

The Young Virtuosi series 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 included concerts by: Alexandra Kaptein, Jesse Wienke, Florian Verweij, Juan Pedro García Oliva, Alexander Jansen, Jorian van Nee, Noah Zhou, Aarón Ormaza Vera, Carlos Marín Rayo, Shane van Neerden and Yang Yang Cai.
Masterclasses were given by Severin von Eckardstein, Hannes Minnaar and Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden i.a.

Concerts of the second part of the YPF Young Virtuosi series 2024 will be organised on Sunday 8 September, Sunday 6 October and Sunday 1 December 2024. The concerts start at 3 PM, last about an hour and take place in De Duif, Amsterdam.

Recordings of all concerts were made by Synco van Keulen. These recordings can be viewed on our YouTube channel via the button below.