"The YPF Competition was my first big step towards the international career. It opened many doors of the important concert halls. Thanks to the competition I gained the experience, knowledge and discovered artistic freedom, it gave me a chance to understand my goals as a musician.
Dreams can come true and the YPF Competition is helping pianists to reach them!"

Nino Gvetadze
Winner YPF Piano Competition 2004

Before applying to the YPF Piano Competition, please read the Participation Rules.

To complete your application, fill out the form below and transfer the registration fee.

he non-refundable registration fee for the YPF Junior Competition is €50; for the YPF Piano Competition Grand Prix Youri Egorov it is €100 euros. Payments must be received no later than 15 November 2018.


Given the sensitive and personal information, we ask you not to upload the following documents in this application form, but to email them to Without a copy of the documents below we cannot grant your participation request.

  • Copy passport/ID *
  • Proof of application OR copy of bachelor/master diploma of Dutch academy of music
  • Portrait photo of yourself