Peiyun Xue

(Conservatorium van Amsterdam, free entrance)

  • 27 January at 15:45 hrs (selection round C, Sweelinckzaal)
  • 3 February at 12:55 hrs (first round C, Sweelinckzaal)
  • 6 February (quarter final C, Sweelinckzaal); time follows
  • 7/8 February (semi final C, Haitinkzaal); time and location follow


Peiyun Xue (Winterswijk, 1991) started with piano lessons when she was five years old. When she was 12 she started in the Young Talent Class at the Conservatorium in Tilburg. In 2005 Peiyun won 2nd prize in the finals of the Prinses Christina Concours and in 2007 she won the 1st prize. In 2007 she also won 2nd prize at the Maassluise Muziekweek. In 2008 she won the 1st prize of the Steinway Pianoconcours (Het Concertgebouw), which allowed her to play a concert in the Spiegelzaal of Het Concertgebouw that was broadcast live on Radio 4. Peiyun has played at the Grachtenfestival (Amsterdam), the Vrijthof (Maastricht) ), in De Doelen (Rotterdam), Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ (Amsterdam), the Concertzaal in Tilburg and in Guangzhou (China). In 2018 she won the prize for the best performance of V. Novak´s Mountains during the International V. Novak Competition in the Czech Republic. On 20 June 2018, Peiyun obtained her bachelor’s degree with a score of 8. She is currently working as a co-accompanist for the Young Talents Class of the Conservatorium Maastricht. Peiyun has followed masterclasses with Jan Wijn, Geoffrey Madge, Enrico Pace, Igor Roma, Daniël Wayenberg, Marek Drewnowski, Willem Brons and Frank Peters.


Selection round

V. Novak Pan, op. 43: The Mountains
F. Chopin Etude in cis, op. 10 nr. 4
L. van Beethoven Sonate nr. 18 in Es, op. 31 nr. 3: I. Allegro

First round

C. Debussy Ballade, L. 70
V. Novak Pan, op. 43: The Mountains
S. Rachmaninoff Prelude in c, op. 23 nr. 7
H. Andriessen Menuet
E. Granados Allegro de concierto, op. 46
C. Vine Sonate nr. 1: I.

Quarter final

J.S. Bach Engelse suite nr. 2 in a, BWV 807
W.A. Mozart Fantasia in c, KV. 475
C. Debussy Études, L. 136: nr. 7 ‘Pour les arpèges composées
F. Chopin Etude in cis, op. 10 nr. 4
F. Liszt Zwei Konzertetüden, S. 145: nr. 1 ‘Waldesrauschen
S. Rachmaninoff Etudes-tableaux, op. 39: nr. 4
G. Ligeti Études: nr. 10 ‘Der Zauberlehrling’

Semi final

L. van Beethoven Sonate nr. 18 in Es, op. 31 nr. 3
M. Ravel Sonatine
A. Scriabin Sonate nr. 4, op. 30