The Young Pianist Foundation (YPF) originated from the practice of professional piano education and was founded in 1999 by Marcel Baudet. The YPF has set itself the goal of developing initiatives, in addition to music schools and conservatories, that increase the opportunities for the scarce top talent. With regard to its initiatives, the YPF always makes sure to take the international top level as the standard and stimulates young Dutch pianists and pianists studying in the Netherlands to accelerate.

As of its foundation in 1999 the YPF accomplished the following o.a.:

  • Organization of demonstration concerts of which CDs have been recorded (including gala concerts, in which young international talent together with Dutch talent and a master pianist performed in the Concertgebouw).
  • A high-profile international symposium on early education during which international specialists shed light on the subject.
  • A start has been made with pilot projects in early education (5-year-olds), the so-called Pipo in the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. The project, in which the YPF still partly participates, has now been incorporated by the Royal Conservatory itself.
  • The high quality YPF Piano Competition, with the adage: select, invest and launch, has been organized six times as of 2001. The competition enabled top talent to step forward, it realized television registered masterclasses with laureates and concerts in the Concertgebouw and other highly respected concert halls. Also official CD’s have been recorded with prize winners of several YPF Piano Competitions.

The winner of the YPF Piano Competition 2007, Thomas Beijer, also recorded a CD which was distributed in more than 40 countries.

Now that the YPF has definitively established its name with the generally acknowledged success of the YPF Piano Competition, time has come to organize the education for young top talents (up to 28 years) in a more structured way. The YPF therefore wishes to define its extent more clearly in the near future in order to increase the effectiveness of its activities.

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