Edith Fischer

A whole life devoted to music, constantly searching for a deeper understanding and rendering of a vast repertory, have been the leading factors of an original career.

Though never looking for notoriety, Edith Fischer has played thousands of concerts with the best orchestras, recitals and chamber music.

She is one of the few pupils recognized by Claudio Arrau in the book ‘Conversations with Arrau’ by Horowitz. She considers herself responsible to maintain and give forward this important pianistic tradition to young pianists all over the world

The ‘Neue Zurcher Zeitung’ in Zurich, expressed it as follows: “Edith Fischer, pupil of Claudio Arrau, seems to represent the exceptional happy case of the perfect integration of the character and the talent of the pupil and the master leading to an ideal,  marvellous result.”

High moments of her musical life have been winning the Munich International radio Competition, the Dinu Lipatti Prize in London and the successful rendering over twelve times of the complete Beethoven Sonatas, as well as the complete Works by Ravel.

In 1989 she created the Festival ‘Semaine internationale de Piano’ in Blonay Switzerland, being artistic director till today.

Nowadays she resides in Chile, her birth country and leads from there a very active international concert activity as well as masterclasses.